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On-Line Continuing Education Courses Now Available
Dukes Academy is one of the first real estate schools in Massachusetts to now offer an extensive selection of on-line continuing education courses as required for license renewal. We are proud that our courses are actually a highly enjoyable professional learning experience offered at very reasonable prices.
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Educational Requirement for Continuing Education

"Any person holding a license as a real estate broker or salesman, which is subject to renewal on or after January first, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine, shall, within twenty-four months prior to each renewal, satisfactorily complete courses or programs of instruction approved by the board; provided, that... the attendance at such courses or programs of instruction shall be equal to a total of twelve hours; ...The board shall certify in advance the curriculum forming the basis of such courses or programs which satisfy the provisions of this section."

"Every person who is subject to the requirements of this section shall furnish, in a form satisfactory to the board, written certification that the required courses or programs were successfully completed. Upon successful completion of approved courses or programs, the licensee shall be deemed to have met the continuing education requirements of this section for license renewal. Every person who fails to furnish, in a form satisfactory to the board, written certification that the required courses or programs were completed shall be granted inactive status by the board upon renewal of his license in accordance with section eighty-seven XX."
-MGL Ch. 112: Section 87XX 1/2

Continuing Education Curriculum

The new Continuing Education curriculum to be required is comprised of 29 modules. Each module is designed to be administered over a two-hour period. The licensee is required to complete any six different modules in order to satisfy the twelve-hour requirement.

This curriculum is designed for real estate brokers and salespeople to enhance their knowledge base of topics beneficial to the protection of the consumer.

Continuing Education Course Tuition and Costs

Tuition is $150.00* and may be paid by check or money order.

*All resource materials are included in tuition.


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