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Definition of a Real Estate Salesperson

"'Real estate salesman', hereinafter referred to as salesman, an individual who performs any act or engages in any transaction included in the foregoing definition of a broker, except the completing of the negotiation of any agreement or transaction which results or is intended to result in the sale, exchange, purchase, renting or leasing of any real estate."
-MGL Ch. 112: Section 87PP definition

Educational Requirement for Licensure as a Real Estate Salesperson

"Every individual applicant for a license as a salesman who is required to take an examination therefor shall, as a prerequisite to taking such examination, submit proof satisfactory to the board that he has completed courses in real estate subjects approved by the board, such courses to total forty classroom hours of instruction; provided, however, that applicants having successfully completed a course in real property while enrolled in an accredited law school in the commonwealth may also take such examination."
-MGL Ch. 112: Section 87SS

Salesperson Curriculum

Eight 3-Hour Modules

  1. Property/Property Rights/Ownership
  2. Condominiums/Cooperatives/Time Sharing/Land Use - Subdivision
  3. Contracts/Deeds
  4. Financing/Mortgages
  5. Brokerage
  6. Appraisal
  7. Fair Housing/Consumer Protection
  8. Massachusetts License Law

Salesperson Course Tuition and Costs

Tuition is $460.00* and may be paid by check, or money order.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course a Certificate of Accomplishment, suitable for framing will be issued.

Any student, satisfactorily completing this course, may, at no cost, audit any subsequent offering of this course or any part thereof as an aid to prepare for the state exam for the period of six months following completion of course, provided space is available in the class.

*All Textbooks and study Materials are included in tuition. The textbooks used are considered to be the most comprehensive and current texts available and can be invaluable resources in reviewing material for the licensing exam as well as wonderful resource data for myriad real estate needs and issues.


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